Monday, March 15, 2010

Robert Hunter contributes to new album

Famed Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter has lent his skilled writing and mystical lyrics to fellow singer-songwriter, Jim Lauderdale, for his new album, "Patchwork River". The new album that was co-written by Hunter and Lauderdale, is the second release by the country/bluegrass musician. The album was released on May 11 and is the follow-up to Lauderdale's debut solo album "Headed for the Hills", which featured 12-tracks co-written by the songwriting duo. The two reportedly first met after Lauderdale invited Hunter to contribute lyrics to an album recorded by Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley titled, "I Feel Like Singing Today". Hunter and Lauderdale reconnected two years later, writing 30 songs that have appeared on both of Lauderdale's two solo albums.

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