Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poll: Furthur named best Dead-oriented band by Dead Beat readers

After a month long poll that asked Dead Beat readers to name the "best Dead-oriented band today," the Heads have spoken, naming Furthur as the top act.

Seventy-two Heads cast votes in the poll, and of those voters, 57 (79 percent) chose Bob Weir and Phil Lesh's band Furthur as their top choice. The Dead, a Grateful Dead spin-off band that includes all five remaining members of the legendary jam band, finished second with eight votes (11 percent), Phil Lesh and Friends received four votes (5 percent) and Bob Weir and Ratdog rounded out the poll with a lackluster three votes (4 percent).

It was not surprising to see Furthur finish as the clear winner, considering all the excitement that has surrounded the band since its recent tour. I was, however, surprised that The Dead did not fair as well, considering the band does consist of all five remaining members and they did put on one hell of a tour last spring. Phil Lesh and Friends and Bob Weir and Ratdog's recent hiatus, due to Bobby and Phil's obligations with Furthur, might have contributed to the two band's low vote count.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Dead Beat's first ever poll. I look forward to getting your feedback on many other Dead-related issues in the near future. Thanks for reading along.

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  1. I would not see a Furthur vote as a vote against the other options. You might ask respondents to rank the bands, for example, which would have given more info of the "distance" between Furthur and the others. This poll certainly does show that most respondents like Furthur the best, as was the case with me.